Product Catalog

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1) Outdoor Sports Flooring
i. Multi-Purpose Court
ii. Tennis court
iii. Padel court
2) EPDM Flooring (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Flooring
i. EDPM Flooring at Kids Play Area
ii. EPDM Flooring at Gym

3) Sports & Leisure Flooring
i. Jogging Track
ii. Running Track
iii. Rubber Gym Flooring
iv) Vinyl gym flooring
4) Vinyl Flooring
i.Medical vinyl flooring
ii. School
iii. Industrial
iv) Commercial & Residential Vinyl Flooring
5) Parking Safety Products
i. Rubber Corner Guard
ii. Rubber Wall Guard
iii. Rubber Wheel Stoppers
iv. Rubber Speed Humps
v. Convex Safety Mirror
6) Children Safety Products
i. Polyurethane Sponge Corner Guard
ii. Door Finger Guards
7) Bollards
i. Polyurethane Delineator Post
ii. GI Bollard
iii. SS Stainless Steel Bollards
8) Hospital & Hotels Safety Products
i. Vinyl Corner Guard with Aluminum Retainer
ii. Vinyl Wall Guard with Aluminum Retainer
iii. Stainless Steel Corner Guard
iv. Aluminum Corner Guard
9) Marine Fender
i. D-Fender
ii. Dock Fender
10) Rubber Mat
i. Door Mat
ii. Kitchen Mat
iii. Electrical Rubber Resistant Mat
iv. Industrial Rubber Mat
v. Cow Mat
11) Rubber Sheet
i. NR/SBR Rubber Sheet
ii. Neoprene Rubber Sheet
iii. Rubber Sheet Coin Design
iv. EPDM Rubber Sheet
v. NBR Rubber Sheet
vi. Rubber Sheet Ribbed Design
vii. Silicon Rubber Sheet
viii. Tangum Rubber Sheet
ix. Viton Rubber Sheet
12) Signage
i. Traffic signage
ii. Solar LED signage
iii. Building Signage
13) Bi Cycle Parking Stand
14 Road Stud
i. ABS Plastic Road Stud
ii. Aluminum Solar Road Stud
15 Industrial Rubber Parts
i. Moulded & Extruded Rubber Products
ii. O Rings
iii. Rubber Seal
iv. Poultry Feather Plucker